FM WhatsApp Download Apk Official Latest Update (Anti-ban) 2023

Application NameFM WhatsApp
System RequirementsAndroid 4.3+ / 2GB RAM
App VersionLatest Version (January 2023)
Total Downloads105+ Million
App size56.2 MB
All FeaturesAvailable
Last Updated01 Days Ago

Are you tired of using WhatsApp with old and outdated features? Do you need anything new in WhatsApp to get a better user experience? or are you looking for a modified WhatsApp which can fulfill all your needs? Then you are at the right place. Today, we will tell you about an amazing app that will provide you with everything that you want in your WhatsApp. There are many applications in the market, but we will give you a brief introduction to FM WhatsApp Apk Download, which is the best application of all. This is an advanced version of the original application, which have a lot of unique, amazing, and additional features included on the basis of user demand. Please read the complete article and get the best understanding of this application which you will not be able to find anywhere else.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is an advanced and customized mod of the original WhatsApp application. There are many reasons why the developers of FMWhatsApp Download decided to make a customized application according to users’ demands. This modified application provides a lot of additional features which are lagging in the original application. In 2023, this application will become trending all over the world, and there will be a huge rise in active users of this application. FM WhatsApp Old version is also available but we recommend you to download the latest version. Today, we will tell you everything about this application, which will give you a clear concept of this app, and you will not feel any problems while using this application.

Fm WhatsApp Download
FM WhatsApp

What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

WhatsApp was introduced in 2009, and since 14 years, it’s been a most popular communication application, which is on almost found in every mobile phone these days. WhatsApp is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns FaceBook and Instagram. He purchased WhatsApp in 2014 from Brain Acton and Jan Koum. There is a huge timeline of WhatsApp where developers took a lot of time to introduce different advanced features in the app. This is a good application, but still, there are some discrepancies that a user feels. So, FMWhatsApp was introduced to fulfill the user’s demands. There are many advanced features that we will tell you today in detail. We will provide you with a complete comparison table which you will see and get a clear picture of the difference between both applications.

FeaturesWhatsAppFM WhatsApp
Make Audio and Video CallsYesYes
Media Sharing25 MB700 MB
Customized Layout2 Themes (Light and Dark)4000 Themes
View Once DownloadNoYes
Status DownloadNoYes
Freeze Last SeenNoYes
Hide Profile PictureYesYes
Disable Blue TicksYesYes
Delete Messages from Both SidesYesNo (Disabled)
Download Profile PictureNoYes
Airplane ModeNoYes
Restrict CallersNoYes
Update NotificationsNoYes
Change Chat ColorsNoYes
Change FontsNoYes
Forward Message IndicatorYesNo (Disabled)
Online Pop-upNoYes
Status View Pop-uoNoYes
Restrict CallersNoYes
Status Watched IndicationYesNo
Lock ChatsNoYes
Photo Sharing Limit30 PhotosMore than 100 Photos
Multiple AccountsNoYes
Hide Chat NamesNoYes
Auto ReplyNoYes
Scheduled ReplyNoYes
Main IconDefault (Could not be Changed)More than 75 Icons
Unread Messages ColorNoYes
Hide Recent ChatsNoYes

FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp?

There are many modified versions of WhatsApp available on the internet, but GB WhatsApp is the most popular application. It was developed by Oman Al Hassani in 2017, and it has a lot of amazing features. But when we talk about the comparison of FM WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, then there is some difference between these apps, which makes FMWhatsApp a better application than GBWhatsApp. This is more stable than GB, and it has more advanced features. It is a user-friendly application, and the developers regularly update its database. Recently, there was some news about a data breach from GB WhatsApp, but there is not any sort of news about FMWA

, which means that this is a more secure and safe application.

FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp
FM vs GB

Who Invented FM WhatsApp?

Fouad Mokdad is the FM WhatsApp developer and the owner of Fouad Mods. He is a very talented developer who made his modified application according to user demands. This creative application enables you to enjoy all the advanced features in your WhatsApp, which you will never get anywhere else. Let us tell you about all features of fmwa 8.95 download apk fm.


FM WhatsApp with its Awesome Feature

This application has many awesome features, which we will brief you on today. Let’s have a look at them.

Free to Download

Free to Download FM WhatsApp fmwa 8.95 download is a free application which you can download without paying anything. You can get all this application’s features free of cost.

Safe and Secure Application

Safe and Secure

FMWA 8.95 is a safe and secure application, and you will never face any security or privacy issues. Privacy is the biggest concern of everyone these days. Still, this application doesn’t contain anything harmful, so you can install it without fear.

User-friendly Interface

User Friendly

Everyone is familiar with WhatsApp these days. FMWA 8.95 download is developed on the same theme as WhatsApp, but you will have many additional and awesome features. It’s a user-friendly application, and you will not face any difficulty using it.

Fast Server

Fast Server

The server of is very fast. You will never face any delay or lag while talking to your friends and family or sharing media. Some time back, the server of WhatsApp became down, and people were unable to talk to anyone. At that time, only this application was working due to its speedy and secure server.

Supported by Thousands of Themes and Fonts


You will have an option of almost 4000+ themes which you can use to customize your chatting interface. This is an amazing feature which makes you able to make your chatting application more beautiful.

Use WhatsApp Web with FM WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web with FM WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web is the best feature, and you can use this application on your PC or laptop. With FM WhatsApp, you can also use this feature and scan the bar code on the screen, which will get you logged in on your PC.

Send Bigger Files due to Disabled Media Restrictions

Send Bigger files

You can send files up to 700 MB with this application. All of your pictures and videos will be delivered in maximum quality. In the original application, the media restriction is up to 25 MBs maximum, which compromises the quality of pictures and videos. So, this is a positive feature of this app, and you will send and receive the maximum quality of media.

Freeze Last Seen from Your Contacts

Last Seen Freeze

You can freeze your last seen pop-up at a specific time. Your friends will just see that you were online many days before, but actually, you are using FMWhatsApp regularly. This is the best feature of this application because you can keep your privacy.

Anti-Delete Messages and Statuses Feature

Anti Delete FM WhatsApp

The latest feature in WhatsApp is to delete sent messages from both sides. When a person sends you a message and he deletes it, then you will never get that message again. But using this application, the deleted messages will remain in your chat, and you can read them whenever you want. This feature was initially not available in FM WhatsApp Old version 2019.

Download View Once Media Files Permanently

view once

Another latest feature is to send a media file with the View once setting. The receiver can only see the file once. When he closes the file, it will be disappeared from the chat. But with this app, you can download this file to your media storage. The sent file will also stay in your conversation for 15 days, and you can check that file at any time.

Disable Blue Ticks

Disable blue ticks

You can disable the read recipient or Blue ticks in regular WhatsApp, but with FMWhatsApp, you can set your chat as double ticks, and blue ticks will only be shown when you reply to them; otherwise, the message will stay undelivered in the sender’s chat unless you don’t reply him.

Hide Profile Picture

Hide Profile Picture

Usually, you can hide your profile picture from all contacts, but with this app, you can set specific contacts from which you can hide your profile picture. This is an amazing feature which helps you to increase your privacy.

Download Statuses and Profile Pictures


In the original app, we can just see the statuses and profile pictures. You can not download them or save them in your gallery. But this app enables you to download the DP and Status of your friends. You will also have the option to repost the status as your status.

Restrict Callers

Restrict Callers FM WhatsApp

There is a problem with WhatsApp that you can not stop your friends from calling you. If you are on a family trip and don’t want to attend anyone’s calls, then you just have the option to turn off your internet, and you can not use WhatsApp. But this app makes you able to restrict the callers and enable setting as receiving calls from no one. You can also allow some of your contacts who can call you.

Additional Emojis and Stickers


There are a lot of new collections of emojis and stickers which you can use to express your reaction to that emoji. There are different types of emojis and stickers. You can use iPhone stickers, old Android and Android 1 emojis.

Airplane Mode is Available

Airplane mode

In the original application, you can not disable WhatsApp messages and calls without turning off your internet. But with this application, you can turn on the Airplane mode, and you will not receive any call or message without turning off the internet connection.

Hide Media from Gallery

Hide media from Gallery

When your friends send you a media file, it is automatically saved in your gallery. You can not hide them without using any vault application. This app enables you to hide media in the gallery. All the received and sent files will stay in your WhatsApp chats just.

Hide Recording and Typing Action

Hide Actions

When you are talking to your friends, they will always see your response in advance, like typing or recording (if sending a voice message). With this app, you can hide your actions, and your friends will never know about your activity.

Send a Message to a Contact without Saving it in Contact List.

Send message FM WhatsApp

In the original application, you have to save a number in your contact list then you will see them in your WhatsApp contacts. Otherwise, you can not talk to them on WhatsApp. This app enables you to send messages to the numbers which are not saved in your contact list. This feature is called “Send Message to the Number”.

Remove Forward Tag from a Forwarded Message

Forwarded Message

When you forward a message to your other friends, they will see a tag of “Forwarded” on it, and you can not disable it. With this application, you will be glad to know that you can disable the forward tag, and your friends will never know that it’s a forwarded

More Features List

There are many other advanced and unique features which are listed below.

  • Change the chat background
  • Translate the message in different languages
  • Copy the status captions
  • Hide view status
  • Chat online Pop-up
  • Status Seen pop-up
  • Change chat screen header
  • Conversation entry style
  • Bubble and Ticks settings
  • Action Bar Settings
  • Group Admin Indicator
  • Confirm before sending stickers
  • Custom wallpaper for each contact
  • Set profile picture as Wallpaper
  • Get Different colors of chat
  • Change unread messages color
  • Do not disturbed archive messages
  • More than 100 Launcher Icons
  • Hide icon from apps list
  • Get dual app
  • Hide chat divider
  • Auro Reply Messages
  • Scheduled Reply
  • Send message to many numbers
  • Download media files with speed
  • Hide contact names
  • Chat locks
  • App Lock

There are thousands of other features which you will love. Just download it and enjoy the amazing app on your smartphone.

Latest Update Changelog

There are many new features as well as improvments in previously added features in the latest update. Let us tell you about them all.

New Features

  • Base Updated
  • Translator added
  • 1-click Change language
  • Option to disable translator
  • Message yourself to save drafts
  • Now forwards media with captions
  • New camera tab UI is introduced
  • Now post voice notes as your statuses


  • Fixed Bibbles and iOS style camera tab
  • Fixed crashing while forwarding messages
  • Fixed some entries shape issues
  • Fixed translation errors
  • Added new themes and fonts

Good Things in FM WhatsApp

There are some good in this app which we will also tell you today.

  • This is easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Provides unique looks
  • A lighter application
  • Safe and secure
  • Gives you more privacy
  • You can use it in China

Bad Things in FM WhatsApp

There are also some things which you may not like but developers are also working on it to fix them.

  • Some themes can not be installed
  • It crashes sometimes
  • Some bad fonts are also added.

How to Download and Install FM WhatsApp?

  • First of all, go to the download button and download the Apk file of this application in your browser.
  • No open your mobile settings and enable “UNKNOW SOURCES” in the settings.
  • Now again open your browser and go to downloads.
  • Click on the downloaded Apk file and start installation process.
  • When installation is completed then go to your Apps gallery and start enjoying this amazing application.
FM WhatsApp Installation
FM WhatsApp Installation Guide

How to Create Account on FMWhatsApp?

The account creation on this app is very simple and easy just like WhatsApp. Let us tell you the complete process.

  • Go to your applications list and open the app.
  • Now tap on “Get Started”
  • You will see the option of adding number.
  • Add your mobile number with country code (Note: Mobile number should be valid).
  • You will receive a verification code in your SMS box.
  • Put that code in Varification option.
  • Congratulations….! You have successfully created your account and now you can chat with your friends and family.

User Perspective and Opinions

User reviews are very important to check the quality of an application or a product. Their perspective and Opinions can provide other users a better guidline about the actual quality of that application. We have asked many users about this application and almost 99.6% of people said that FM WhatsApp is a very good application and it is better than orginal WhatsApp application. They have more features in this app and they admired the creativity of the developer. Overall, we found satistfied all the users of this application. So we will strongly recommend you to download and install this application. We are also looking forward for opinions and reviews of our users in the comment box.

FMWhatsApp Latest Version

People Also Ask (FAQs)


Q. How can I download FM WhatsApp?

You can download FM WhatsApp from the download button we have provided you. We will always provide you the latest version of application which you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Q. Which is a better application among GB WhatsApp or FMWhatsApp?

These both are modified applications of original WhatsApp which are providing you different unique features but FM WhatsApp is a better application in many ways.

Q. What is FM WhatsApp?

This is a modified version of WhatsApp which is developed by Fouad Mods. You will have a lot of amazing and unique features in it which are not available in original application.

Q. Is FMWhatsApp safe to download and Install?

Yes. This is the most safe and secure mod of WhatsApp and you can download and install it without any fear of privacy breach or data loss.

Q. Is it possible to hide chat in FM WhatsApp?

Yes. You can easily hide a chat as well as hide the chat name in this app. This is the most advanced application which has a lot of unique features that can help you to increase your privacy.

Q. FM WhatsApp update kaise kare?

Click on the download button and enjoy the latest version on your mobile. If you have already installed FM WhatsApp then you can also update it from the Apk file we are providing you.

Final Words

There are many applications which we use to communicate with our friends and family. Communication is the key element to maintain a relationship or a business. WhatsApp is playing a basic role in maintaining persoanl and professional relations. But there are some features that are lagging in WhatsApp. All these features are demanded by the users. So, Fouad Mokdad has developed an amazing Application named FM WhatsApp Apk to fulfill the user requirements. He is talented and creative developer who has made this application by thinking himself as a user. As a user what he will demand in this application. So, this is a basic theme of this application which made it unique and best in this category.

FM Whatsapp Download Old Version is also a good app but Fouad has made a lot of upgrades in new version. So it is highly recommended to download and install the latest version of this incredible app. Please give us your reviews and opions in comment box or use Contact Us to share your opinions about this application.